About us

In current urban age, more and more people understand the importance of natural nutrition for health. There is an increase in interest of population in ecologically pure nutrition and healthy lifestyle last years, due to the existence of problems affecting human body, such as stress and environmental pollution.

LLC «Nalchikskiy Myasokombinat» is located in the capital of Kabardino-Balkarian republic. «Nalchik» is an all-season balneological and climatic resort of federal significance.

The word «Nalchik» translated from Kabardian language means «horseshoe». Indeed, the city is located in a semicircle of mountains resembling horseshoe. Almost all highest mountains in Europe, including Elbrus ,are located on a territory of this small republic. Here ,cattle are grown on high mountainous in the zone of alpine meadows .Animals eat juicy grass ,drink glacial meltwater and breathe fresh mountain air. Meat of such animals has a special nutritional value. We understand that quality of product starts from proper fattening of animals, thus we purchased our own farm ,where animals are already raised on natural feeds, without using antibiotics and growth stimulators, what allows to get high-quality raw materials for combine. All products released in the meat-packing plant has a brand name «Rayan».

Trademark «Rayan» appeared on the market of meat products relatively recently.

Young team has shouldered a mission to reborn the culture of health nutrition.

Products with brand name «Rayan» are produced from fresh chilled meat, solely own slaughter , without food additives and dyes. We don’t use any meat substitutes ,soy , proteins, milk and egg powders. Our products are released solely with the addition of natural milk, fresh chicken eggs and butter.

Naturalness- is the philosophy of enterprise life.

Of course, products without food additives have a small shelf life, and here we have to use innovative technologies in sphere of packaging. To date plant is equipped with the advanced European facilities. Multi-level system of management, microbiological laboratory, state and veterinary control - all this allows to make a conclusion about high quality and product safety. It is not by chance that the company receives the highest awards. That was noted in such large exhibitions as «Prodexpo», «Zolotaya osen’», «IFFA-2016» in German…

The purpose of company - Creation of worldwide brand «Rayan», providing hundred percent customer confidence.

The trust to producer, this is what was lost in pursuit of fast profit and cheap prices. We want people all over the world ,seeing products with brand name «Rayan» to be sure about the quality, safety of this product, and that they can undoubtedly give it to their children. «Rayan» is not only tasty ,but also useful for health.

We have all the prerequisites for achieving this goal ,and we believe that together we can make the world a bit better!